The following is an extract from a local daily. Please read ahead till the end despite its legnth and give your opinion. “Our wedding 25 yrs ago was a celebrated wedding.during the wedding we even received congratulatory messages from the Pope himself, several archbishops and bishops. The service was celebrated by 35 priests, two deacons and was even covered by local media. 3 children followed in quick succession. How many men can change napkins and spoon feed their children? How many men can go to marikiti to buy fruits and vegetables for their children? I did all this. During the marriage, on several occasions I would make the bed,iron my wife’s clothes, carry her bags and do other household chores because she had a back problem. Her diabetic father whose toes have been amputated lived with us for some time. I would carry him to the toilet at night. I also welcomed my sister-in-law to live with us.I basically became fully intergrated into my wife’s family. When it came to providing for my family I never failed.I even built a permanent house for us.I educated all my children in private schools from primary to secondary. after all of them had cleared form four I lost my job and one year later at the beginning of 2010, my wife deserted our matrimonial home,saying she cannot stay and give me food (which she has bought with her own money). She carried away everything in the house and when I say everything I mean everything, including the bulbs, curtains, jikos and so on.I have nothing to show after a whole 25 years of investment and maintaining and keeping a home. As if that’s not enough, my own children humiliated me to the core. They abused me and called me unprintable names. My first born son called me kihii three times and even challenged my manhood asking me to prove to him that i was circumcised. They called me a useless man who has nothing to show for his personality, somebody that nobody can call daddy. They held me under siege for three hours abusing me. No words can explain the humiliation I went through. When my mum heard what happened she went into depression and three days later suffered a massive stroke .she passed away after staying in a coma for five weeks, leaving behind a huge medical bill and a very sad family. I am a suffering lot :I have no money, no family, no job … I am not even sure of tomorrow…….. © Daily Nation.

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