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How to love a woman


A woman needs more than material things And A woman Needs so much more than what her man can say. A woman Needs you to make love to her , she needs more than sex.

A real woman needs a real man That don’ t talk about it , he should  be about it, Put that work , and still shows his woman real romance.

A woman, She likes to talk , and work it out And A woman Likes for you to watch her back, protect her crown. A woman Dont only want your makeup sex , she want your respect And a real woman never wanna walk into a room see Another woman knowing information she dont even know about her man

Make your way home Outta days and hours everynight Pick up your phone just to say you’ ll still in love from time to time. Remind her , that she ‘s still beautiful in your eyes And ride with your woman, Make her feel that you’re always on her side When she cries , Ask her what she ‘ s feeling Let her know you sympathize. Gotta swallow your pride Got some making up to do Gotta make it right. Kiss her real slow and get down and blow her mind . Gotta take your time She doesn’t want a minute man She wants to have fun until she finish.that’s how you love a woman

3 Responses

  1. I feel represented :),yes thats what we want

    1. storyzetu says:

      Spread the word to men

  2. masido says:

    amen to that! couldn’t have been said better!everyday is valentines day guys! :))

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