Dear Shaquen,

As I write this I’m playing the song If Tomorrow Never Comes on my speakers.I know what this song means to you; the memories it brings. You even call it your bad luck song and I do have to say that it’s ominous with regards to what I’m about to say. Not that I’m promising you bad news. On the contrary, its neutral news. A win win situation depending on how you look at it.

You see,last night I met someone. Not just any someone. Its THE someone. You know, THE ONE. I met Jasmine, my ex.I think you know her- heck who wouldn’t know Jasmine. What with her pretty eyes,waspy waist, great in b…. anyway enough about her.

This letter is about us. About the special kisses,hugs,cuddling and tickly moments. All those are great moments in our relationship but as is the case all good things come to an end and our good things ended last night when Jasmine made a peace sign- with her legs. On my bed.

Now now dear. Don’t tear this letter up. I know your pride and anger all too well. You’re from Nyeri. Why else do you think I couldn’t tell you this to your face? Now, you get my point.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful six months and I’ll always cherish it.I still love you…..in Christ’s name.

PS: Allan’s been checking you out.He’s single and loaded. Get the hint?

Yours El Casanova.



3 Responses

  1. thengartia says:

    personally, I don’t like the Nyeri allusion.

  2. thengartia says:

    personally, I don’t like the Nyeri allusion.

  3. masido says:

    hahahaaaaaa! nasty! but i like it! t least you were honest enough to end it instead of stringing her along. agree with ngartia- kill the nyeri allusion.

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