When everything else went wrong
this was the only thing I did right.
Those nights of frustration and desperation
The short ones and those that were long
I had just a single friend.
I could count on her with each count
I took. A chef-d’oeuvre of sweet evil.

Held her tightly but lovingly,
Sucked her hungrily yet tenderly,
by Jove! She was nice.
A faithful friend when all “friends” shunned me.
A member of the only family I now had.
I loved her in the depths of her highness
My soulful companion in the maze of “no-hope -ahead”
A satisfactory equivalent to breakfast, lunch and dinner
She was my dream and my damned reality
I doted the daughter of papa poppy
Her puffy presence was all a soul so lost deserved.

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  1. Claude Mwaria says:

    i love this poem, its really inspired. keep up

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thank you. glad you like it

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