My husband is marrying a
second wife!
It is tearing my heart apart! Am
I not enough?
He said he loves how her waist
moves to the drum beats of
Pretty mama of high seas
He said she is very pricey
Her laughter sweet and spicy
So I trashed all of me and tried
to do it like she did

My husband is getting another
He said there was something
about her perfume so sweet
The sway of her hips from side
to side so nicely
Her smile with the nice teeth
Her voice sweet like ice cream
Soft, silky, light brown skin
There I was trashing all of me,
skin lighting… hip
Breast implants… because I
wanted him to see me
Losing all of me, in trying to
make him see me
Me, living in a skeleton where
none of it was me

My husband is getting another
Was I given his rib for
procreating and not to earn his
To warm his water, cook his
food, and not touch his soul
Suffocating because I love him
more than I love me!
When he loves her more than
he loves me
It is tearing my heart apart

My husband is getting another
Another darling, another soul
He don’t love me the way that I
love him
However do I tell him that my
love is all he needs
Wondering, am I not enough?
© Namatsi Lukoye


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