We had a few questions for Moraa Ong’angi  the poet we featured for a week. Below is what she had to say:

How can you be described in a summarized manner?

•I’m an artistic, ambitious and inquisitive spiritual girl/ poet who prefers following her heart and leaving a trail instead of following laid out paths.

I am a dreamer, a dream catcher and an avid reader.
I like to think of myself as a pilgrim on earth, a traveler of sorts not so much in the physical sense but in the exploring of different ideologies and forces of the world.

When did you pen your first independent piece (away from school work)?

•I was 13.I wrote it to myself. It was about me blossoming. If I find it, i will laminate it.

What inspires your writing?

•The talent by itself is a source of inspiration: by writing I thank God for His Gift. Paulo Coelho says “action is a form of prayer”, when I write I offer my thanksgiving.

The need to express myself also inspires me.

Apart from writing what else do you

•I do amateur photography and a bit of drawing. I make cards too.

Do have any stage name?

•No, I don’t. I love my name.

What do you think is man’s greatest invention?

•The internet.

Who is that person you’ve always admired and why?

•I’ve always admired David from the Bible: his faith in the Goliath incident, from being shepherd to being a king with an everlasting dynasty, to the Psalms credited to him which I relate to so intimately, his love for God-all this make him admirable to me. His life inspires me.

The world ends tomorrow, what do you do till then?

•Maybe I’d try flying like Icarius…haha! Just kidding… seriously, I’ d get scared a lot, I’d repent, tell the people I love how much they mean to me, pen a poem or two..Then wait for the curtain to close.
There isn’t much one can do.

If you were a cartoon character, which would that be?

•This is tough…maybe Dexter because he tries to create.

Three words to describe your brain

•Artistic, Intellectual, Calculating.

That song that never gets boring to your ears?

•The Halleluiah sang by an orchestra. It’s simply heavenly.

What’s your preference? Writing Or performing (poetry)?

•Writing, though recently I’ve started fancying the performing bit.

If you could choose a career without education and stuff, you’d be?

•A painter. A photographer. A poet. An explorer.

What do you think of the Kenyan creative and artistic industry?

•The industry is growing thanks to technology. There is a lot of Western influence though. I’d prefer if authenticity was embraced more: by the audience and artists too.

Any random question that you’d like to ask the world?

•Where is your genuine fear and love for God?

She blogs here.

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