GAY MOMENT – when a straight guy – and sometimes a homosexual who’s still in the closet- acts in a way that is considered feminine or unmanly by the set (mostly  stupid) norms of society.

Every guy has gay moments. Many guys like to defensively state “I’m straight! Kama ruler!”  But ask your girl pals- the ones you hang out with a lot- if you’re man enough to handle the truth and they’ll tell you. The straightest of guys has gay moments. Mostly it’s in showing your affections towards same sex pals. It could be blurting that you miss a male pal of yours. It could be that weird hug during a moment of victory at a sport!

It could also be a drunken guy saying you how much they love a friend of theirs and even then they’d be quick to cover up and state “No homo!” then call it BROMANCE. A guy did this once and I’m writing it here cuz he doesn’t remember but it was so very cute. Did I think him gay? No I didn’t.  Weird? More of “interesting” cuz when he’s sober; he’s all macho and shit!

Men like to pound their chests and pretend they are untouched by things. And I like this gorilla aggression! It makes their breakdowns so much funnier!

It’s sexist, I know, but it’s a comforting notion that  men are supposed to keep their cool and emotions in check while most of we females have the leeway to show emotion and lose it! It’s comforting!  But sometimes, even the toughest of people crack under pressure and show their deepest emotions. And it’s halting if you’re there to witness it.

Do I enjoy it? No; not at the moment its happening. But afterwards when all is well, and my guy pals go back to being their macho gorilla-selves- I like to smile secretly when I remember their emotional cracks and breakdowns. I’m not sadist! I just have a wicked sense of humor sometimes  

Do I think them weak? No I don’t. Do I mind gay moments? No I don’t! They are hilarious! And there is nothing wrong with them. Guys should really quit over thinking them cuz they are just funnier when you try to cover them up awkwardly- which they do often. Sure they can come across as weird if you’re truly straight but what the hell? You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We KNOW you’re straight!

Just let us poke fun at your gay moment. It’s reassuring that you have a soft spot we can tickle sometime. Sorry though to gay people still in the closet. I personally, find all gay moments funny but it’s not a homophobic thing.

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