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I am moving from blushes and pastels to streaks and bold detail,
Out with the water colors, in with the oil.
Good bye Technicolor and Hallo 3D, HD and other alpha numeric visual delights.
I will no longer be blue because of doing black things,
In fact, no more black acts behind white canvas.
Because, I have had it up to as high as you can have it with all that grey.
Instead I will be purple in every golden way,
I will be white through and through,
Always carrying about an orange disposition even in the blackest of times.
No more green on my face simply because, I was too yellow to be red for what is important to me.
I will get my hands caked in that rich earthy brown black for what I want.
So in black and white, bring on the red ochre and olive green goodness,
And I will don the black tresses, deep dark brown chocolate,
Shining like sun kissed ebony goodness specific to my black heritage.
My resolution is to be painted in the earthy tones of reality, freedom, love and God, and from this moment on… to be as colored as I can possibly be.

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