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DIGITAL MIGRATION- (and why it’s a load of bullshit)

Ever watched a DVD that just kept scratching and scratching when you were looking forward to enjoying the great movie? Well that’s how much fun digital TV is during rainy/ cloudy weather.

It’s been about a week of watching GOtv and honestly, my sis got swindled out of her 600 bob. There are about  5 awesome channels that are not local and that do not show when it’s cloudy or rainy!

My mum gets swindled each month by ZUKU which she loves to death cuz of the great channels – (when they are showing, I have to admit ZUKU does have GREAT channels.) I asked them on their twitter page about the channels not showing in cloudy/ rainy weather and they said that it’s the issue with ALL satellite TV. I thought DSTV was better until I experienced GOtv- which honestly is not worth the cash at all!

Pay TV companies are swindling us. As long as you have paid the cash, you can go screw yourself when there is rain and no signal. The price won’t go down even if that anomaly occurs time and again; No, you’ll still faithfully pay the same amount and still get a crappy signal.

My thoughts? The digital migration is overrated and full of shit. If next year I cannot watch telly unless it’s sunny and clear outside, digital migration can go back where it came from. Some of us were doing quite well with analogue signal which SHOWED in rainy weather- when TV mattered most!

So forgive me if I think this Digi migration can wait another year. The service providers need to up their game before it is fair for us to pay for digital TV.

For now Digital migration and GOTV can go to freaking hell.

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