The sun will soon sink
Over the hill
Another day  gone
The way life’s candle blows out
Never to come aflame again

What happens when we die?

Do we have memories of life?
Do our hurts hurt no more?
Do our souls stop bleeding?
When our hearts stop beating?

Do we go someplace?
Or do we just float like ghosts?

What if I died tonight?

I close my eyes against the setting sun
It feels tepid
And glows red behind my eyelids

The grass beneath my bare neck
Tickles my skin to an itch
And teases my nose with its scent

It smells so so good

A little like wet earth
And a little like mild lemons
A tang of eucalyptus
Hangs thinly in the air

It spurs my senses
And I feel so alive
And my body’s so warm
I feel I could lie here

The evening today is beautiful
It’s no time to think about death.

© Hellen masido

courtesy of Storyzetu

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