It is okay for a man to tell another
man, “I love you”
These are words many boys long to
hear from their fathers
It is okay for a man to appreciate more
than one woman
There are many who are stressed,
Others who are depressed and waiting
to hear the rights words from one of
your kind
It is okay for a man to wish to be a kid
But married men, also understand that
it is okay for a woman to say “NO!
We are not doing it again! Tonight!”
It is okay for a woman to be in charge
But that does not necessarily mean
that she becomes the head of a
It is okay for a woman to strive to be
the best looking female on the outside
Let her buy those dresses, those jewels,
Let her change her look every now and
And then women, note that all your
efforts will amount to nothing
if you’re ugly on the inside
What do men look for in women?
What do women look for in men?
God (the love puzzle is actually that
What do men and women settle for?
Reality (Unfortunately many feel that
it’s inevitable)
And yes, it is okay to be unhappy for
Provide you plan to be better as soon
as possible
For those who wish to get stronger
For those who are looking for
Life is filled with plenty to address your
Stay positive,
Do not allow your emotions to lead
you on the same path as that of those
who are ignorant
Games are for children my friends
Be serious enough at the start of any
given relationship
So that you may live to rejoice in the
results of your decisions
Sincerely yours,
Common Sense

©Pepe Haze

courtesy of Storyzetu

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