I lay on my bed
unable to sleep
what is in my head a weight about to tip
a sip of tea
then turn off the lights
I am drowning in a deep sea
I cant make it through the night

A darkness creeps inside me
A darkness deep as night
What is happening to me?
I cant breath,my lungs feel so tight
I lean on my window
Alas!what is this i see
What is this at sight
on my window,a shadow

Come closer,I have a story to tell
i overhear,a conversation in hell
how have you been doing?
Better than ever brother
the situation is geting harder
but we have to overcome in our
we grow hard as marble
we never say never

I hear they call you the leper
you are like a plague
an infection in their bladder
they wet themselves on every
I bring you a message from hell
entertainment is on a high pitch,as the arena in Rome
men are raining everyday
a variety stunning all colours size and age

lucifer is on a plan to counter the cross
a dream afar withered like a crushed rose
Zack the maneater is back
Zera the sink of misery too
they came in a disguise of black
and are currently stationed below the zoo

they come in preparation for the
coming season
we have to lead many astray
and in our old tricks we shall find
to brew a storm so big,they shall all sway
so sayeth the message.
what are you doing here?
I am here to pick up a soul
should be easy,you have done it too many times
do you have it ensnared?
Not yet but that is my goal

I have been tailing him for weeks
I should deliver him by dawn
are you going to drown him down the sink
or kick him to hell with your boot,out on the lawn?
No,I am going in oldschool
give him a taste of my tools
grab him by the ankle
and drag him to hell
and where is this soul?
Right behind this window…
I think I’ll stay for the show


© Benson Mwangi


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