Tiptoe as I write
they can’t hear me
what I say here
it is between you and me
no one can come between
it is a secret
keep it for our well being
well locked away for life

I know where they keep the keys
life is a puzzle
everyone with a piece
so how can I be complete
when you keep to yourself my last
and you say you still with us…you wish!

This is for peace
but you say
if you going down
you going down with.
The echo of war
heard it too many times
but this war I am ready to fight

If you follow me we shall win
even in the dark of night
with no light
we shall see
as I leave promise
to keep a key to to your mind
learn to use this key
keep your mind safe
until we next meet
you are your mind
your mind is you
this page is white
the writing therein black
Be careful of what you see
it might not be.

© Benson Mwangi


3 Responses

  1. stylifiq says:

    Beautifully written.

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thank-you for reading Stylifiq

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