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Come Help Build a Class for Needy Pupils (And Meet DJ Raidar :))

Today I am delighted as I join
the Nailab, The 1% Club and the
rest of my team at Trinc Media in
an exciting funds drive to build a
classroom for Indupa Primary
School in Kajiado. The school
has a serious shortage of
classes, forcing pupils to take
turns in the classes and when
the weather allows it, they study
outside under trees.

Regardless of the route you took
to get to where you are, you
have successfully managed to
get an education and this is how
today you can read this blog.
Have you ever taken a moment
to ask yourself why you got
where you are while there are
others who either are better
placed or in worse conditions
than you?

Back in January of 1997, I had to
drop out of high school for the
lack of school fees. I spent my
year out of school doing signs
and paintings to make money so
I could back to school. It was a
hard road and during that year,
I learned quite a lot about life. I
was a 17 year old on the loose,
trying to pick all the lessons that
came my way with no clear
guide of what was right and
what was wrong. I mixed with all
sorts of people in the tiny town
of Nyahururu trying to fit in and
gain recognition. Painters and
white color career people did
not mix well but I knew I was
not there to stay and I needed
to be ahead of my time and mix
with the right people. My form
three was not at school but in
the real world. Eventually, I had
made a noticeable mark in the
town and I felt like I belonged
there. Early 1998, I had saved
enough money to get myself
back to school but I could not
go back to form 3, my money
was not enough for two years of
school, so I skipped and went to
form 4. I made it and got to a
point where I can command
some influence and yes, I am
going to use it for good. This is
a call for us to participate in the
lives of these situations. By
building a class, we are creating
massive wealth for our future
There are thousands of kids in
different setups of life that for
some reason do not make it to
the point where I was and they
end up never achieving an
education. Some are due to
circumstances that we can
change. The 1% Club does
exactly that. Getting you involved
in a way that you may feel is
small but eventually everyone’s
1% makes 100%.

The hundreds of kids that will
benefit from this project may
not even know how it came
about but they will feel the
effect in their lives, it will be a
better chance for them in life to
take charge of their life. Let us
participate in making this work.
The 1% Club basically uses social
media to get individuals to
participate and here is a number
of ways you can get involved.
Donate cash by M-Pesa
(See details here on how
to do it )

Come to the Nailab end of
the year party (Pay 350/ =)
and have fun with us as
we try to raise funds for
this project. All the
proceeds of the party will
go to the project. I will be
there myself DJying… your
once chance to catch me
on the decks and
experience something I
learned in 1997. This will
be open from 10am to

Blog about it.
Tweet, Facebook and
Spread the word online
about the project.

Tweet this blog and share
the link on your Facebook

It always feels good to give back
and remember, you do not give
because you have too much but
because it is a chance to help
someone get from a bad place
to a better place. Share the little
you have, start sending your
donations by M-Pesa now.

© David Mugo

courtesy of Storyzetu

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