I’ve lost my English. Odd isn’t it. I know. I’ve forgotten the order of adjectives and superlatives. Today I said, ” you’re the bestest friend ” “I have a bad big new dog” wow. My English teacher would cry if she heard that. Come to think of it I actually miss her. Don’t look at me like that. I have a girlfriend. And no im not a player(the dictionary version of the word also applies here)I simply miss our English arguments. Silly, yet constructive arguments. Arguments about how to pronounce advertisement. She’d say something like “advatsments” and I’d say “advataisment” like any other Kenyan albeit with a little bit of what I call my swagger. Yeap. You heard me right. Swagger isn’t only confined to walking. If it was so then @ngartia would be the most swaggerific guy……wait a minute, my phone didn’t autocomplete that word ‘swaggerific’ guess it ain’t in the English language. Oh well then blame it on the swaggerigic concert guess my English died when it went there. It got a linguistic attack from all de Jamaican at the event, the nudity(okay that’s my pants .small shock I got)and the weed….. Speaking of weed I only used to hear that word in agriculture class.my teacher said “take away the weeds” guess that’s why the principal was always expelling those Guys who had weed. Never seen the darn thing.am q city boy. well,now that I think of it. Is it right to call me English, Tonny English.? Or should I simply stop that James bond crap? You tell me. Have an English day.


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