I don’t know what stuff IMAX has been high on for the past few weeks but whatever it is, I hope the supply does not run out! I also have no idea whether it’s a strategy to reawaken Kenya’s cinema culture but I have to say, its working on me.

A few months ago, I would never have considered visiting a cinema to watch a movie. Yes, piracy is alive and well! Honestly, it beats logic to pay 800 bob to watch a film I could get outside my hostel at only 40 shillings. Waaaaaat?! I am a student! Don’t hang me next to the pirates!

Anyhow, my first visit at the cinema (and I won’t say when so that you don’t laugh at me) changed my whole perception of that cheap pirated film vs. the costly cinema experience. And I have to say, nothing quite compares to the cinema experience! NOTHING!

Ever since I watched a film in 3D on the big screen, I must admit that the cinema experience is worth every penny… well maybe not 800 bob but for 200 bob like IMAX is doing right now, I would definitely forgo a pair of shoes in favor of watching a film!

Gauging from the upsurge in the number of likes on the IMAX FB page, it’s pretty clear how many people are excited about this new wave of making cinema more accessible and affordable. Perhaps it’s yet another trial at curbing film piracy in Kenya and I love the direction IMAX is going. If the other cinema houses followed suit, the film culture in Kenya just might have a shot at survival and boy am I hopeful of that!

Do take time to appreciate film in its magnificent proportions by paying 200 bob to watch films the whole day. Yeah, I mean that. See their page if you don’t believe me!

Now, who’s going to watch GRAVITY with me?


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  1. zeekki says:

    Already watched it 😛

    1. StoryZetu says:

      Me too:-P Just not on the big screen. And tomorrow’s schedule is just perfect! No classes for me! I will say I am doing a practical by attending a whole day of films! 😀

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