It has become a tradition for Salome.every day she walks over to her window, opens the curtains and looks on as the children Play in the garden. With each movement they make, she says a small prayer. “Dear lord keep my daughters safe.” She says this with loving eyes but pain is in her heart.it’s difficult to love a child who’s a product of rape.every detail of her daughter’s face reminds her of her late uncle. The uncle who defiled her.the uncle who she later killed. A small drop of cyanide and he was gone. She said another prayer. “Dear lord you know I did it to protect other girls please don’t let me get caught. ”
But somebody else also came to know of her secret. He blackmailed her for sex.anytime he wanted. A few months later he was reported as having hanged himself. Salome made a wry smile at that memory. secrets of a woman.
Salome began touching her rosary and praying. “Dear lord I am a woman, weak in body, strong in spirit. Many are the things we do out of love……….”it was a long prayer.a prayer she made daily. A prayer she called a woman’s prayer. Full of secrets and aspirations and admiration. yea she admired somebody. Great muscled body with a voice to boot.she wanted him for herself but he was married to a witch who stood in the way of her happiness.she was still kneeling when she saw the cyanide.a familiar smile crossed her face as she made another prayer:”dear lord, thank you for answering me…….”

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  1. masido says:

    damn! quite a prayer this is! very interesting! i like

    1. storyzetu says:

      Thanks very much hope to provide better soon

  2. i like… but why does it seem rushed? like the writer was hurrying to get to the end?

    1. storyzetu says:

      @ngartia.Okay I appreciate your comment will improve on my ending

  3. Lisa Caroline W says:

    really cool but i also share in the opinion that it seems rushed.otherwise love it

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