You sit on my laps and I cry. You’ll grow up knowing men don’t cry but that’s a big lie. Just ask kidum you’ll know why. But that’s not my story; you’ve always made me cry. Not because I regret having you in my life; in fact you’re a blessing in disguise. I’d probably still be the university stereotype enjoying the ‘high life’. But here I found a better life . You are my whole life. I cry because every time I look at you, I see my greatest creation and it sounds blasphemous saying, that but I’ll forever repeat it : You’re my greatest creation! A perfect being from one imperfect as me. But your little cries for my attention wash away my imperfections they make me feel the purest of emotions. A father’s love; never thought I’d say that but here I am smiling at your face like a father does looking deep into your eyes. Your little eyes no bigger than a dove’s. Eyes of love and faith. You’re the only one who has faith in me. When you need something you cry for me I know it looks little but that’s the greatest faith in me. And for you my daughter, I’ll make it ;I know I’ll make it. For you are my greatest creation and for you………. I’LL MAKE IT.

7 Responses

  1. Masido says:

    Ow! So deep and cute! I love it!

      1. zeekki says:

        very emotional Tonny. Very good

  2. Esther Idza says:

    Wow. So amazing. Very emotional!

    1. tonny muchui says:

      Thanks.your comments are highly appreciated

  3. storyzetu says:

    i feel it bro. every single word

  4. Ngartia says:

    this is among the most emotional pieces I’ve read here. that is,assuming the lack of punctuation was deliberate.

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