Deep down its flawed, head down
knees kissing the floor,
We feel his claws, refusing to
acknowledge the facts,
That we are never alone, yet it seems like no one cares
Hands locked together, a faithless
world is born,
A hear a Halle Mary sworn. Deals
made, good and bad with promises of better tomorrows,
Latest hummers and bank account
You get to hang out with the porn
stars and get the best of both worlds,
including your wife
This is the life, we say..With envy as we swallow hard at the smile on your face,
And at some point in the night, you will disgust us,
Then we will write about you,
Blaspheme in poetry, faltered dreams into reality,
Jealousy takes root,
Revenge for that which didn’t belong to us,
And so its turns to lust,
Slay the wife,
Make her yours, beds will turn,
Everyone will know… depths of poetic faith,
That God didn’t have nothing to do
with it,
That satan may have had a hand,
Maybe being human played a firm role in it,
That’s freedom will not be about raised fists,
And sometimes prayers are about that hit list,
For those people you want dead, their souls will be missed,
Their souls will be deeply missed,
Their souls will be deeply missed?
Their souls will be…
Lord forgive me for I have sinned.


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