A dedication to sex. A dedication to the shiver her skin gets when you touch her,the heavy breathing and subtle sweating.

This right here is a dedication to all those in love. A love of more than words and material gifts. It’s a dedication to those who don’t rush it Because he knows he has a princess in his arms not some cheap hooker. He touches her gently and feels the electricity he sends down her spine.

It’s a dedication to those who don’t have sex; who instead, make love Cuz that’s what she wants. That’s what a lady, a queen of his kingdom deserves.

It’s a dedication to the carefully planned romance of sitting in the dark amidst scented candles and the smooth voice of Marvin Gaye singing in the dim lights as he gives her his world.

This is a dedication to sex and love this valentines. To those who won’t be “chips fungwad”. To those who end the day in the arms of a loved one not some guy who doesn’t value her.it’s a dedication to love.

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